“About a year ago I discovered the PalmBird Putter Grip on line.  I was somewhat reluctant to order one without seeing it up close and holding it in my hands.  However, I gave in to my curiosity and ordered one.  I am VERY GLAD I did!  After using the Palmbird for about six months, I am a believer.  It is better than anything on the market.  Unfortunately, some people won’t try the PalmBird putter grip because it looks quite different from the traditional golf putter grips.  It’s too bad for them, because I believe the PalmBird would make any golfer a better putter.”

Phillip Harsha, Ph.D – Springfield, Missouri


“I think this is one of the greatest putter grips ever made, in the history of golf, to improve your putting.  Because of the ergonomic shape of the Palmbird Putter Grip you can put your hands on the putter squarely every time and be able to feel where the club head is at all times.  This helps you with what I consider one of the most important putting thoughts you should have and that is to;  Square the grip at impact!  You’ve got to try it!”

Jay Golden, PGA Professional – Winter Park, FL

“The Palmbird Putter Grip creates a really, really, stable putting motion. All you have to do is put it on line and watch the putts drop. If you want to putt better and with more consistency, I recommend you get the Palmbird Putter Grip and watch your golf scores go down. I love the Palmbird Putter Grip, whatever line I put the putter on, that’s where it goes!”
Mark D. – Fruitland Park, FL

“The GRIP is GREAT! Switched from the Super Sroke “Fatso” to the Palmbird…..Never going back!!”
Jeffrey W. – Fort Mill, SC

“I am an 8 handicap who has always struggled to putt consistently or well.  I’ve switched putter grips many, many times over the years with varying degrees of success.  I’ve putted left hand low for over 10 years.  When I started putting with the PalmBird I switched back to a traditional grip and my putting improved measurably, from the first putt.  Fast forward 30 plus rounds later and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the PALMBIRD is the best putter grip EVER, period!  I make more putts than ever before, no doubt and I definitely hit my line more consistently than ever before.”

 – Doug G. – Glencoe, IL


“I really love the feel of the PalmBird grip.  Three putts are a thing of the past!”

– Katherine – Customer of The Grommet

“I purchased the Palmbird Putter Grip at a benefit golf tournament.  Phil installed it on my putter on the 6th tee with only two holes to go and I proceeded to sink two birdie putts coming in!  A thirty footer and a twelve footer.  I’ve never had a grip that feels so good in my hands.  The ball rolled true and was distant perfect.  I then played three rounds of golf the next week without having a three putt!  To putt it simply, the PalmBird forces the golfer to have a square putter face behind the ball every time they putt.  There is no adjusting, no moving of the ads, and no guess work.  After many years of playing golf, and many purchases of golf equipment, I can testify that the PalmBird Putter Gip is the best stroke saver I’ve ever found!  I am very happy with the grip, and highly recommend the PalmBird Putter Grip to all golfers.”

– Roger C. – Sanford, FL

“I purchased the PalmBird Putter Grip several months ago and have been pleased ever since.  I’m getting to the age when my hands are starting to develop a few tremors, so putting was becoming more of a problem.  The PalmBird Putter Grip considerably stabilized both my grip and my putting stroke.  What a great bonus that is for my golf game.  My putting is much more consistent and so is my enjoyment of the game!”

– Frank – Customer of The Grommet

“Since I started using the PalmBird Putter Grip I feel much more relaxed while putting and have less tension in my hands and wrists.  The PalmBird also helps with my alignment and has improved my putting by at least three strokes per round!”

– Lee M. – Orlando, FL

“The PalmBird Putter Grip really gives me a confident feeling over a putt!  I am very glad I purchased it.”

– Lynn – Customer of The Grommet

“The first thing I noticed about the PalmBird Putter Grip is the connection I felt between the club, my hands, arms and shoulders.  Everything seemed much more solid and there didn’t seem to be a separation at the connection of the club.  Everything moved as one unit during the stroke, very smoothly and with greater control.  I really like this grip!”

– Jeff L. – Winter Park, FL

“As a former LPGA, Tour Player, I am very picky when it comes to anything golf.  I was approached to give this grip a try and I was simply amazed and taken back by its natural gripping and total confidence booster over each putt–no matter the length.  It feels great in your hands, allows for even grip pressure and gives you confidence for smooth putting strokes. PUTTS WILL DROP!  Love mine, get yours now and watch the putts drop!!”

– Kate H. – Former LPGA Tour Player, California

“Thank you for one of best, no THE BEST putter grip I have ever used!  After purchasing the PalmBird Putter Grip I went to the putting green at my local golf course and from the very first stroke I knew I had something special in my hands.  The PalmBird actually guides you to use your shoulders when you take your putting stroke and your wrists and hands are completely taken out of the swing.  I found this grip to be so user friendly that all I wanted to do is keep putting and putting.  Now I have an advantage over my competition and it’s LEGAL.  This would be the best way for a golfer who now uses a belly putter to make the transition to a regular putter.  You can’t help but score with ease on the green.  Thank you again for making my golf game fun again!”

– Carl B. – Clermont, FL

“I’m 70, Yo…bought this grip as my hands have become somewhat stiff.  After an adjustment period to lose old stroke habits, I now PUTT BETTER than ever before!  This grip sort of forces you to putt with your shoulders and leave the hands out.  I see the line better and trust my setup now.  I have made many of those “Knee Knocker” 3 and 4 footers.  The PalmBird has boosted my confidence a ton.  It feels comfortable in my hands and is well made.  What’s not to love about this grip???”

– Country Boy Foneman

“I played a round yesterday using the PalmBird Putter Grip and have never putted better!  There is something about the grip that helps me roll the ball so consistently and ultimately make more putts!”

– Ken O. – Orlando, FL

“Putting was always one of the weaker portions of my game, so of course I would try anything to improve!  A friend told me about the PalmBird Putter Grip and what a difference it made to their game, so I thought- I’m in.  Once I began to get the hang of the grip (only a few rounds and a little practice), I was amazed I had such remarkable results!  The feel of the putter grip in your palm just seemed to take any wrist action out of the stroke.  I am much quieter over the ball and am sinking putts I never dreamed of!  You have to try this grip!”

– Sue,  South Florida

“I am hitting my putts a lot straighter than I did before.  I feel the counter balance weight has made the difference.  I can feel the club go straight back instead of wobbling.  Love this grip!”

– Arnold,  Customer of The Grommet

“The first time I used the PalmBird Putter Grip I thought it felt a little different.  By the end of the round I felt and saw a big difference in my putting.  I am very glad I made this purchase and highly recommend the PalmBird Putter Grip!”

– Patricia, Customer of The Grommet

“I purchased your PalmBird Putter Grip on a Monday.  I put it on my putter on Tuesday and played golf that day.  All I can say is THANK YOU!  I did not three putt all day and I only had 27 putts when I normally average around 35!

– Jim M. – Orlando, FL

“I love the PalmBird Putter Grip!  The grip has made all the difference in the world in my putting.  The shape feels natural in my hands and gives me a consistent putting stroke.  The way the PalmBird rests in your hands, it gives you a perfect follow through.  It’s the consistency of my putting stroke, now that I have the PalmBird Putter Grip, that has helped lower my golf scores!”

– Chad L. – Winter Park, FL

“On my first round using the PalmBird Putter Grip I had 7 one putts!  The main difference is I could “feel” the club head make contact with the ball…I felt more connected and as a result have continued to lower my handicap.  Dollar for dollar, this is the BEST investment I have ever made!”

– Richard D. – Customer of The Grommet

“With just one practice session under my belt, in my first round using the PalmBird Putter Grip, I had 6 one putts and the other misses were around the hole…the counterbalance and the way you hold the grip with your palms makes all the difference….my advice, TRY IT!”

– Freddy,  Amazon Customer

“I haven’t had a three putt in my first four rounds, and I’ve made some long 20 and 30 footers that I thought I’d never make again.  Thank you PalmBird for coming out with this putter grip, I REALLY LOVE IT!”

– Brent A. – Orlando, FL

“I love the PalmBird Putter Grip!  It’s really helped me improve my putting.  It’s probably taken 3 or 4 strokes a round of my game.  You should get one too!”

– Doug S. – Sanford, FL

“You’re going to make more putts on the golf course with the PalmBird Putter Grip.  If it’s not there, it’s going to be really close to the hole.”

– Bob S. – The Villages, FL

“The PalmBird is awesome!  Fits great especially with my big hands, feels great, nice touch, good control… love it.”

– Andrew D. – Orlando, FL

“The PalmBird is the REAL DEAL!”

– Reggie, B. – Orlando

The PALMBIRD putter grip creates a really stable putting motion. All you have to do is put it on line and watch the putts drop. If you want to putt better and with more consistency, get a PALMBIRD and watch your golf scores DROP too!

Mark D. - Fruitland Park, FL