Putting Tips

The best putting tips and techniques to improve your putting and golf scores.

shapeimage_7You don’t have to be a great golfer to be great at putting.  In most cases, 40 percent of your strokes comes on the greens, so by improving your putting you will also quickly improve your golf scores.  Let me teach you some of the best putting tips and techniques. My putting method is very much like my putter grip…a bit untraditional, yet very effective!  It’s simple, functional and successful in obtaining QUICK results for anyone looking to improve their putting accuracy.  Unlike the traditional dual shoulder triangle pendulum method, I teach students how to perform a true pendulum stroke by focusing on the stroke coming from one anchor point – the dominant arm/shoulder joint.

What I realized when I created the Palmbird shape is that it allowed my palm and hand to hold the putter in such a manner that my entire arm felt like there was an automatic connection to the club.  It didn’t feel like two separate pieces.  It felt like everything was one solid piece, originating from one point, my shoulder.  The sensation feels almost  magnetic when you first grip it in this manner.   The sensation or feeling is actually a kinetic connection.   The relationship between the palm and the shoulder creates a sense of one solid piece, which makes for the perfect pendulum.

Using this method, I’m now more relaxed over a putt, have a feeling of confidence and spend less time and have less struggle initiating the putt.   It’s cut down on the chatter inside my head too and I can fully focus on the line, distance and the hole.  The chatter I used to experience is diminished because I’m only trying to communicate with one side of my body.  The struggle between the left and right is gone.  My focus is now on the right palm and right shoulder (my dominant side).  My stroke and feel have become more sensitive and my distance control and aim improved as well.  Bottom line is, I’m putting better than I ever have.  This type of anchoring is something we can all agree with.

Try it Yourself:

Choke down and grip the putter grip with your dominant hand as if you were shaking someone’s hand.  This connection of the palm on the grip and the relaxed thumb allows you to feel as if you have anchored the putter to your arm and shoulder joint.

Open your stance, with your palm facing the target line.  Take a few small one handed strokes initiating the stroke from the shoulder.  It’ll feel steady and smooth.

Now, gently place your other hand on the putter and reposition your dominate hand higher up the grip.  The non-dominant hand is gently holding on, following the lead of the dominant hand.

Putting with Your Dominate Hand

First, while on the putting green, I’d like you to face the hole as if you are bowling.   Then take a golf ball in your dominant hand, and roll the ball off your finger tips toward the hole.  Repeat this process a few times.

Next, choke down on the grip with your dominant hand, and with your body in a half open stance, take several putts using just your dominant hand.  You should discover after several practice putts using this method that your hand, arm and shoulder are now working as a unit with the putter.

Now you are ready to putt with both hands. Shift your weight slightly to your dominate hand side.  Place your dominant hand on the grip first then gently grip the putter with your non-dominant hand and take a slightly open stance addressing the ball.  Sight your line and focus your attention on your dominant hand & foot through the stroke.  Now, you are replicating the same feel as when you were rolling the ball toward the hole.  The point of this exercise is to create an awareness of your dominant side and it’s importance in anchoring your putting stroke.

The PALMBIRD putter grip creates a really stable putting motion. All you have to do is put it on line and watch the putts drop. If you want to putt better and with more consistency, get a PALMBIRD and watch your golf scores DROP too!

Mark D. - Fruitland Park, FL