Putter Grip Installation

Putter Grip Installation Video

How to Install Putter Grips

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Materials Needed:

  • – Mineral spirits (use this solvent only)
  • – Double sided grip tape
  • – Utility knife
  • – 1” masking tape
  • – Rag
  • – Water
  • – Vise (if available)

NOTE: A vise is helpful, but not necessary.

Step 1: Use a utility knife to remove the existing grip and tape. Clean the shaft with mineral spirits.

Step 2: If the putter shaft is .580 in diameter, additional build-up of masking tape is suggested at this point. Then, apply approximately 11.5 inches of double-side grip tape to the shaft, leaving approximately a 1/2” overhang at the top of the shaft. Tuck the tape hanging over into the shaft.

Step 3: Generously apply mineral spirits over the tape and inside the grip. Hold a finger over the air hole and the base of the grip and shake well to distribute the mineral spirits.

Step 4: Pour the excess mineral spirits from the grip over the tape on the putter shaft.

Step 5: Taking care to align the grip with the club face using the center line as a guide. Push the grip quickly onto the shaft until it is completely secure against the shaft end.

Step 6: If you used a vise, remove the putter at this point and make any final alignment adjustments then rinse with water and wipe clean. Ideally, allow to dry for 24 hours. RINSE with water and wipe dry.

Putter Grip Installation Photos

Materials for putter grip installation

Necessary Materials

How to install putter grips - Step 1

Step 01

Remove old grip tape

Step 01

Clean putter shaft

Step 02

measure golf shaft diamater

Step 03

Add tape if needed

Step 04

Step 04


Step 05

Step 05

How to install putter grips - Complete Putter Grip Installation

Step 06

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