As a PGA Golf Professional, Phillip A. Jaffe, PalmBird Putter Grip designer and Founder knew that putting accuracy and consistency could be improved if the golf putter grip was re-designed in a way that would help golfers with alignment, hand placement and counterbalancing.

Phil was driven by his life-long passion for golf, both as a player and golf instructor to create a putter grip that would also serve as a putting aid.  The PalmBird design is the result of years of design, research, testing, experience and a couple of modifications.

It’s not traditionally shaped on purpose.  It’s shape along with the counterbalancing will help you putt better… with more stability, greater control and ultimately more confidence.  The PalmBird is more than just a putter grip, it’s a putting tool that instantly helps golfers place their hands in the proper position with the palms aligning and toward the target.  This is a key first step to a better putting stroke and lower golf scores.

Inspired by the shape of the giant Bird of Paradise stalk, he applied the science of Biomimicry (art forms in nature) to create this innovative new putter grip that helps golfers putt with greater confidence and improved accuracy.

While cutting back the “Bird” of Paradise after a hard winter freeze, Phil took note of the oblong shape of the stalk and how it felt in his “Palm”.   His wife Diane remembers the “ah ha moment” as if it were yesterday. “I looked out back and saw him with the Bird of Paradise stalk in his hands, practicing his putting motion like he was on a putting green.  It didn’t take long before he yelled out for me to come outside and check it out.  He enthusiastically told me how incredible the Bird of Paradise stalk felt in his palms and how fluid his putting stroke was because of it’s shape.”  This is how the grip eventually got it’s name.  Phil combined the portion of the plant name (Bird) with how it fit in his hands (Palm)….PalmBird.

Phillip Jaffe, PGA

One of the key elements of the PalmBird design, is that it eliminates the flat-surface found on the front of most putter grips today and replaced it with a teardrop contour that fits naturally into the groove of your palms.  With the grip pressure in your palms and not your fingers and thumbs, the PalmBird allows you to more effectively initiate the putting stroke from the shoulder, giving you the feel that the club is an extension of your arm.  This allows for a fluid backstroke and an effortless, relaxed follow-through due to decreased finger, hand, wrist and arm tension.  The result is an improved putting stroke, with greater putting accuracy.

The simplicity of the PalmBird’s functional design and unembellished style is a refreshing change.  Don’t be fooled by it’s “look”, or lack of flair, because you’ll be blown away by it’s “feel” and effectiveness, when you PLANT ONE IN YOUR HANDS!   The PalmBird is a putter grip designed for golfers of all levels ; from scramble-only golfers, to the week-end warriors, seasoned players, and elite professionals.

Don’t let the untraditional look of the PalmBird discourage you from putting the PalmBird to the test…it’s worth every penny!

The PALMBIRD putter grip creates a really stable putting motion. All you have to do is put it on line and watch the putts drop. If you want to putt better and with more consistency, get a PALMBIRD and watch your golf scores DROP too!

Mark D. - Fruitland Park, FL